Evidence-based Science

Measurement is the basis of all science


This technology was developed by the National Institute of Health to assess risk factors of disease.  It is a non-invasive revolutionary medical biotechnology that reaches into all health markets.  Utilizes a Nobel-Prize winning science.  Test results in 30 seconds.  Validated by Yale Public School of Health

Help Your Patients Decide

Documentation beats conversation

BioNutriTest Digital Health Analytics

7.5 Million Tested _ Results are Risk Factors of Disease

How It Works with Patients


A noninvasive test that emails the patients results immediately.


Recommend a personalized nutrition and supplement protocol for each patient.

Test for Results

Cellular turnover is 60 days, test for results, is your recommendation working?

What the Test Tells You

Biomarker Value

Simple visualization of your test results. Quantifiable assessment of your body’s defense score against stress and inflammation over time

Predictive Health Analytics

Insight based on individual results help you identify potential health risks and areas of improvement

Personalized plan

Patients access their diet, activity, and supplement plan anytime, anywhere through the BioNutriTest App.  Recommendations are generated from our medically-supervised algorithms based on your unique test results.

FDA Certified Labs

We exclusively partner with supplement companies that are FDA Certified as Good Manufacturing Facility

Physician Partnerships

Join our physician network partnership of board-certified physicians across the globe

Ready to stop guessing and start measuring?