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University and Medical Clinic Partnerships

Recent partnerships have included partnering with thousands and thousands of clinics across the country and researchers around the world at Institutions including Yale University, Stanford, Purdue and UC Berkeley. Exclusive nutritional manufacturer partnership full-time staff includes 75 scientists with 13 different Ph.D. level disciplines.

“Changing patient behavior is one of the hardest things to do in medicine. This device has helped some of my most difficult patients”
Cheryl Bryant Bruce, MD

Concierge Physician Entrepreneur, Time Magazines 100 Most Influential

“We expected much better test results from the supplements we were recommending. We had no idea!  You can only manage what you can measure.”
Joel J. Baumgartner, MD

CAQ Sports Medicine, Board Certified in Family Medicine & Non-Surgical Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

“Lowering inflammation is powerful, for all diseases, not just cancer.  Everyone wants to know what to do, to not become my next patient.”
Gary Cecchi, MD

Former Medical Director of Alta Bates Comprehensive Cancer Center, Alameda Hospital & Highland Hospital; Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science

“Absorption is a critical component of effectiveness. My first test was in the second lowest category, I was shocked, I was spending hundreds of dollars a month on what I thought was the “best supplements.” I switched my nutritional supplements, two months later my inflammation decreased by 42%. I now cycle with guys ½ my age.”
Kent Nelson, R. Ph.

Owner, JCAHO Accredited IV Infusion & Critical Care Nursing Co. & Sterile Compounding Pharmacy

“The device allows me to test inflammatory response in my patients and it is very accurate.  The patients love it and they appreciate that I care to treat them comprehensively, instead of just their symptoms.  They are more compliant with taking supplements and take an active role in lifestyle changes.  Use the Health Measured program if you want to take your practice to the next level.  It’s the best thing I did this year.”
Anne N. Truong, MD

Regenerative Medicine, Best Selling Author, Ambassador of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day @ United Nations

“I now share something prescription drugs do not help…Health!”
Amy Matecki MD, MSc, L. Ac

Chief of Integrative Medicine in the Department of Medicine at Highland Hospital MD, LAc, MSTCM; Qingdao University Medical College; Presentations -American Society of Clinical Oncology, Breast Cancer Symposium and Society of Integrative Oncology

“We will work together to change the way healthcare is delivered.”
Dr. Randal Pham MD, MS, FACS

Internationally Recognized Laser Surgery Pioneer; Ophthalmologist and Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon; Stanford University: UCSF Innovator Award

“Testing intracellular nutrient levels and an athletic individual’s body recovery time, makes sense.”
Tanya Lehman

Pro-Athlete Trainer & Fitness Expert, The Foundry

“The technology is what Doctors have been waiting for to properly make nutritional recommendations.”
James E. Tearse, MD

Opthalmologist & Dry Eye Specialist; Stanford University

“My patients health outcomes improved dramatically combining diet and nutritional supplements.  I feel it’s unethical to not offer this to my patients”
Tinrin Chew RD, CSO

National Speaker and Registered Oncology Dietitian

“Being on the ground floor of a technology roll-out with an ownership share.  It’s a game-changer!”
Wendy Burman

15+ Years Pharmaceutical District Sales Manager & National Trainer; Winery Owner

“I have been telling my patients what to eat and nutritional supplements to take.  Nothing has changed their behavior as quickly as the BioNutriTest”
Chris Randle, L.Ac

Golden State Warriors Team Healthcare Provider 2014-2016

“This is the best program I’ve ever added into my practice”
Steven L. Rosenblatt, M.D., PhD, L.Ac

Family Practitioner; Clinical Director of the UCLA Acupuncture Clinic

“Documentation beats conversation.  This is the hottest technology in healthcare!”
Dr. Tim Heath, DC, MBA, CCEP

Board-Certified, Licensed Primary Care Doctor

“For the first time in medicine, I can tell my patients to take for their health, what I am taking for my preventative health.”
Rekha Murali M.D.

Internal & Functional Medicin