Evidence-Based Science

Independently Certified

NSF, Consumer Labs, & Pharmacopeia

Purest Ingredients

Tested for 200 toxins while organically certified products only test for 20 toxins

Physician Desk Reference Listed

Clinically proven to be safe and effective

Absorption Difference

Small nano nutrients are easily dispersed and absorbed through Nano Technology patented process

Nutrigenomics is a field of genomics that study the effects of foods and nutrients on gene expression

“All diseases can be reduced to imbalances in four overarching processes: inflammatory, metabolic, oxidative, and psychological stress. Diseases are on the rise because of a genetic disposition to one or more of these stressors”

Ben van Ommen,
Director of the European Nutrigenomics Organization

Customize Your DNA

Clinical study results and genomic analyses identify and target specific functional gene expression patterns that are responsible for inflammation, energy, and how quickly you make decisions when stressed.

Nutraceutical Clinical Study

Gene Expression Science

One size doesn’t fit all


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