take the guesswork

out of health

How It Works

Three steps. It’s simple.

Get Measured

What is your body’s defense score? The higher the defense levels the better

Diet & Supplementation

All adults need a multi-vitamin – JAMA 2002

Test for Results

BioNutritest is an immediate, painless biometric device quantifying your body’s defense score

Take Control Of Your Stress

Too often – hectic lifestyles make it challenging to achieve optimal nutrition.  It’s time to take back control of your health

What the Test Tells You

Biomarker value

Simple visualization of your body’s defense score against inflammation and stress tracked over time

Health analysis

Insights based on your results help you identify potential health risks or areas of improvement.

Is what you’re doing working?

The BioNutriTest* uncovers insights and quantifies your body’s defense score against inflammation and stress. These insights help us customize a personal plan for how to eat, exercise, and supplement based on your body’s defense score and unique test results.

Personalized plan

Patients access their diet, activity, and supplement plan anytime, anywhere through the BioNutriTest App.  Recommendations are generated from our medically-supervised algorithms based on your unique test results.

Find a Health Professional Near You

Get introduced to our physician network partnership, board-certified physicians right in your area.

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