Get Measured

Science is the ability to measure.

Without measurement, you’re guessing.  This Nobel Prize technology has become the gold standard as clinically it has been shown to be more accurate than blood serum measurements for inflammation status and antioxidant cell health.


Backed by the National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, and Yale University.

  • First Integrative Biomarker Predicts Future Chronic Disease
  • Changes Behavior

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How Does it Measure?

BioNutriScanTM works like a pulse oximeter or hemoglobin A1C, providing a 60-day evaluation window.  Cell turnover is approximately 60 days and that provides a steady state of nutrient absorption levels.

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What’s your Body’s Defense Score?

The test parameters go from high to low.  Higher is better. The higher the test score the better your body’s defense network.

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Our Testing Process 

Test 01

 Immediate Results 


Home Delivery

Test 02 (45 days)

Test 03 (90 days)

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Recent partnerships have included those with 1,000 researchers around the world at Institutions including Yale University, Stanford, Purdue and UC Berkeley.  Full-time staff includes 75 scientists with 13 different Ph.D. level disciplines.

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