A Personal Approach to Disease Prevention, Regenerative Health, and Changing Behavior

Nutrition + Genetics = Digital Health Measured

A personal approach to disease prevention, regenerative health, and behavioral change

Health Measured helps patients confidentially understand their risk for common hereditary cancers and hereditary high cholesterol.  They can then develop a personalized supplement program to be proactive about their health.


You and Your Family

Take the Guess Work out of Health

Healthcare Providers

Stop Guessing.  Start MEASURING.

Corporate Wellness

The Measurable Difference

For the first time in medicine I can tell my patients to take for their health, what I am taking.

Gary Cecchi, MD Hematologist/Oncologist

Former Medical Director of Alta Bates Comprehensive Cancer Center, Former Medical Director of Alameda & Highland Hospital, Mayo Clinic

My Chief Medical Director used this program during my Residency.  It’s a game changer!

Melinda Phoenix, L.Ac

Hospital Accredited Integrative Medical Program; Five Branches University

I now share something prescription drugs do not help…Health!

Amy Matecki, Chief of Integrative Medicine in the Department of Medicine at Highland Hospital MD, LAc, MSTCM

Qingdao University Medical College; Presentations - American Society of Clinical Oncology, Breast Cancer Symposium and Society of Integrative Oncology