Every once in awhile a technology comes along that literally changes the landscape of the world.  Read Yale University’s position on this innovative, predictive health analytics platform.



Is what you’re doing working?

KeyPoint: The BioNutriTest* uncovers insights and quantifies your body’s defense score against inflammation and stress. These insights help us customize a personal plan for how to eat, exercise, and supplement based on your body’s defense score and unique test results.

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How it works

Three steps. It’s simple

Get Measured

KeyPoint: Immediately know your body’s defense score to stress.

Personalized Nutrition

KeyPoint: Doctors, Healthcare Providers and Certified Wellness Experts will personalized a nutrition and supplement protocol, just for you.



Test for Improvement

KeyPoint: Cell turnover is around 60-days, get measured, test the effect in your body.  THAT’s preventive health proven!

What the test tells you

KeyPoint: Clinically proven to be more accurate than blood testing, measuring absorption at end organ value

Biomarker Value

Keypoint: Simple visualization of your biomarker results at the intersection of inflammation, oxidative stress and cellular antioxidant health over time.  Plus, continuous and quantifiable assessment of your body’s defense score against stress over time.

Predictive Health Analytics

Keypoint: Insight based on your results help you identify potential health risks and areas of improvement.

Personalized plan

KeyPoint:  Access your diet, activity, and supplement plan anytime, anywhere through your account. Personalized nutrition and gene expression protocols are shipped globally based on your unique test results.

Why choose Health Measured?

  • Broken into three sections _ Premier Partnerships

Key Point: FDA Certified Labs

Key Point: We only partner with supplement companies that are FDA certified as Good Manufacturing Facility and regulated by the FDA

Healthcare Professionals & Certified Wellness Expert

KeyPoint: Through our physician network partnership, board-certified physicians, and certified wellness experts in your State to measure and review your test results

Physician Desk Referenced Supplements

KeyPoint:  Premier partnerships with the next generational of natural, bio-identical, pharmaceutical supplements made by 75 full-time scientists, including 35 PHD levels and 45 Master degrees across 14 different scientific disciplines with collaborative product and science research coming out of Purdue, Yale University, and UC Berkeley.

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