Changing behavior is one of the hardest things…this has helped some of my most difficult patients

Cheryl BryantBruce, MD

Concierge Physician Entrepreneur; Time Magazines 100 Most Influential

Manage what you measure.  We changed supplement lines.  Do better, when you know better

Joel J. Baumgartner, M.D., CAQ Sports Medicine

Board Certified in Family Medicine & Non-Surgical Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Documentation beats conversation

Ben Gonzalez, MD

World Congress Anti-Aging a4M Keynote Presenter

For the first time in medicine I can tell my patients to take for their health, what I am taking.

Gary Cecchi, MD Hematologist/Oncologist

Former Medical Director of Alta Bates Comprehensive Cancer Center, Former Medical Director of Alameda & Highland Hospital, Mayo Clinic

Absorption is key. After 2 months, I decreased the inflammation in my body by 50% and could bike with guys 20 year’s younger than me.

Kent Nelson, R. Ph. – Owner, JCAHO

Accredited IV Infusion & Critical Care Nursing Co. & Sterile Compounding Pharmacy

It’s easy to communicate inflammation to my patients. This was the best thing I added into my practice this year

Anne N. Truong, M.D.

Regenerative Medicine, Trigger Point Injections, O & P Shot, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Electrodiagnostic Medicine

Curing blindness is Noble. Preventing blindness is Divine.  The AREDS 11 formula is secret to my divine intervention.

Dr. Randal Pham MD, MS, FACS

Internationally Recognized Laser Surgery Pioneer; Ophthalmologist and Oculo-facial Plastic Surgeon; Stanford University

I now share something prescription drugs do not help…Health!

Amy Matecki, Chief of Integrative Medicine in the Department of Medicine at Highland Hospital MD, LAc, MSTCM

Qingdao University Medical College; Presentations - American Society of Clinical Oncology, Breast Cancer Symposium and Society of Integrative Oncology

Finally a tool to capture the patient’s attention.  I call it the ultimate patient education tool.

Andrew D Feltz, O.D.

Clinical Director, 360 Care; Ohio State College of Optometry

Clients ask “What they should take?”  Measuring nutrition and body fat levels is factual health biometrics.

Tanya Lehman

Pro-Athlete Trainer & Fitness Expert, Owner of Mindful Bodies Fitness

My Chief Medical Director used this program during my Residency.  It’s a game changer!

Melinda Phoenix, L.Ac

Hospital Accredited Integrative Medical Program; Five Branches University